Shower (1999)

Comedy / Drama • 92 minutes  7.5/10
Starring: Zhu Xu Quanxin Pu Jiang Wu He Zeng Zhang Jin Hao Lao Lin Lao Wu and others.
Released • September 13, 1999

An aged father and his younger, mentally challenged son have been working hard every day to keep the bathhouse running for a motley group of regular customers. When his elder son, who left years ago to seek his fortune in the southern city of Shenzhen, abruptly returns one day, it once again puts under stress the long-broken father-son ties. Presented as a light-hearted comedy, Shower explores the value of family, friendship, and tradition.

A.K.A. CN: Xizao  DE: Das Badehaus  ES: La ducha  FR: Xizao  JP: こころの湯  PT: Xizao  RU: Xizao